Our Team

Samar Mudawi



Samar graduated from the prestigious British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in the UK with a Master’s degree and diploma in Osteopathic medicine. Additionally, a Diploma in Naturopathic medicine and a Nick Aston award.
Samar enjoys providing treatment to adults from all walks of life and of varied occupations. Samar strongly believes in educating and empowering patients about their body. This often includes a balance of hands-on treatment, including recommended exercises along with lifestyle, dietary and naturopathic advice, which again is tailored to each individual patient.

Below is a list of techniques and treatment methods at Samar’s disposal:

– Osteopathic techniques: spinal mobilisations, Joint mobilisations, harmonic techniques, joint & spinal manipulations.
-Soft tissue massage and stretching
– Dry needling
– Kinesiology taping